::Sacred - Connected to your essential self, intuition, others, and all that is.


:: Alchemy - A process of transformation. Catalyzing pain into awakening. Transmuting “lead” into “gold.”


:: Sacred Alchemy - Compassionate guidance through spiritual transformation.

I support emerging healers and everyday mystics through personal and transpersonal transformation.


My clients are smart seekers. Many of them work (or study) directly in the healing arts: they’re yogis, massage therapists,  counselors, Naropa students, and chaplains. Others heal the world in other ways -- from tollbooth workers to school teachers, parents and executive suites.


I’m honored to support you in awakenings large and small. So you can live your fullest life, be of even greater service … and go flaming forth into the world.


I’ve got the mind of a scientist and the heart of a mystic.


My own journey has integrated Eastern wisdom traditions, somatic intuition, and Western psychotherapy -- within myself and to support my clients.


That means: absolutely all of you is welcome and understood, here. We can talk neuroscience and altered states; chakras and anxiety disorders; East/West, postmodern/shamanic, shame/sex/spirit.


Beyond my extensive trainings, the real roots of my practice are these big ideas:


  • Our bodies are powerful + wise vehicles for awareness and healing.

  • We have an innate capacity for wholeness and health.

  • Divinity is both immanent and transcendent.

  • I am not here to “fix” you. There is nothing and no one to “fix.”

  • Joy is a quality of the soul.

  • You are already and completely whole + perfect.

  • At the same time, you can step more fully into the highest expression of yourself.


My role is guiding you into a fuller spectrum of aliveness, embodying more joy, and instigating the magic in everyday life.


A Wealth of Perspectives


One of my greatest gifts is tracking a client’s experience on multiple levels. I bring a wide variety of healing perspectives and modalities to my practice, and quickly recognize the most powerful doorway into the heart of the matter.


Depending on your unique situation, makeup, and goals, our counseling session may integrate Gestalt Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Bioenergetics, Chakra Therapy, Dream Work, and more. This plurality of modalities is one reason my approach often works where others have failed.


In our time together, we can work on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Addiction + recovery

  • Shadow work and breaking dysfunctional patterns

  • Building a more solid sense of grounding and embodiment

  • Deepening the ability to track sensation and emotion

  • Learning to self-regulate anxiety and fear (without medication)

  • Dissolving self-hatred and developing greater self-acceptance and compassion

  • Healing sexuality, relationships, and grief

  • Developing creativity and resilience

  • Honing intuitive guidance and high sense perception

  • Working with mindfulness, meditation, and acceptance

  • Integrating spiritual awakenings into daily life.


One of my specialties is spiritual emergence.

:: Spiritual Emergence - A transformational moment -- grand, subtle, or ongoing -- when conceptualizations break apart and shift. A jolt of divine energy. An existential breakdown. Grace. Awakening. Chaos.


This is a precious time. And it can also be messy, inconvenient, confusing, overwhelming, and terrifying. It can feel like an overload of energy burning through your circuits. It can feel like excitement or disembodied bliss. Or it can feel like a dark night that will never end.



You don’t have to do this alone.

There’s no need to prolong your suffering. Solitude is rarely the straightest path to healing. And seeking guidance makes you wise, not weak.


I’ll walk beside you through the darkness. I’ll hold the sacred potential that things will change and you will come through more resourced and creative than ever. I’ll collaborate with you and decode the symptoms of your soul. I will guide you to your own wisdom and help awaken your own inner healer.




Contact me to schedule a Counseling session or setup a time for a virtual cuppa-tea to see whether we may be a good fit for working together.